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5 questions for ... Frank And Oak


5 questions for ... Frank And Oak

Fashion / altplusquartierdix30 / Apr 10, 2018

The uniforms at Alt+ Hotel were designed by Frank And Oak, a Montreal company that has the world at its feet. 5 questions for one of the coolest companies in Quebec.

Since the company was founded in 2012, Frank And Oak has seemed to have the wind in its sails. To what do you owe this success and this universal love for the brand?

First, we recognized the specific needs and values that guide millennials, who are our target market. Then we went out and built a strong community around our brand.

Your clothes are designed entirely in Montreal and you rely on ethical production methods. What concrete actions could be taken by clothing companies for a more responsible industry globally?

Everyone has their own way of working, but basically, to be more responsible, you have to choose materials and production methods that promote sustainable development - such as denim produced with methods that use less water, energy and chemicals than traditional methods, as well as shirts made of recycled polyester and 100% organic cotton.

You’re located in the Square, in Quartier Dix30. Have you noticed different shopping habits from the customers at this "lifestyle" centre?

We’ve noticed that our customers like to shop in centres that have a lot to offer (restaurants, bars and shops), that have the feel of a neighbourhood. Quartier DIX30 represents that. People park their cars and then walk from one place to another, like they would in the city.

The employees at Alt+ Hotel and Bar Les Cousins are outfitted by Frank And Oak. What was the inspiration behind their uniforms? The challenges?

The uniforms were inspired by the decidedly modern look of Alt+ Hotel. Since employees have to wear the same clothes repeatedly and have to be comfortable in them for several hours, the pieces are characterized by a modern style and high tech materials in order to make sure employees are comfortable throughout the day.

What’s next for Frank And Oak in Canada? Around the world?

We want to evolve in the digital domain through technological development and artificial intelligence, in addition we want to continue to innovate the design of our products and practices to promote sustainable development. We also want to continue expanding our brand internationally.