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4 of Kim Thúy’s Canadian lit favourites


4 of Kim Thúy’s Canadian lit favourites

Interview / montreal / Jan 30, 2020

When Kim Thúy finds a book she likes, she spends a long time with it.

“When I like a book, I reread it several times, almost learning it by heart. I underline things. I type out passages. I send quotations to my friends.” Here are four Canadian authors who have won her over. Who knows? Maybe they’ll win you over too!

Heather O’Neill

I love this Montréal writer for the pictures she paints with her words, her colour, and her rhythm. I like all her books!

Lullabies for Little Criminals

David Goudreault

He’s got an incredibly sharp tongue that really hits us. He helps us understand and even like life’s hard realities. That’s talent.

Mama’s Boy (the entire trilogy)

Joséphine Bacon

In my opinion, if we want to understand the Canadian soul, we have to read Joséphine Bacon’s stories of the Innu. Her words help us really experience the vastness of our country.

Message Sticks

Simon Boulerice

He writes faster than the speed of light! Everything he writes is on point and exhibits a rare authenticity, a natural, innocent generosity. His writing makes us feel young.

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