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A vacation right at home


A vacation right at home

Travel Tales / stjohns / Jan 13, 2020

I’ve always loved staycations. Staying close to home while unplugging for a few days is pure delight for me; a welcome opportunity to explore my city from a fresh perspective. It’s a way to forget that, usually, my city is a giant stage where my stress and my busy schedule play starring roles. I often took staycations when I lived in Montreal, and I still do now that Matt and I have moved to St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Even though the pace of our new hometown is a little slower than the hustle of Montreal, Matt and I are no less busy, and sometimes we just need to get away.

What’s the recipe for a perfect mini vacation, you ask? Over the years, I’ve assembled a few pointers:

1- Define your needs: What do you want to do? Unwind? Immerse yourself in culture? Catch a hockey game? Pinpointing a theme for your staycation will help you identify the perfect location (such as the Alt Hotel St. John’s, for example, which is located in the heart of downtown).

2- Book a comfortable hotel: If, like me, one of your priorities is to relax, a comfortable bed is a crucial element of a great staycation. At the risk of sounding biased, Alt and Le Germain Hotels have more than proven themselves in this department.

3- Try something new: Whether it's reservations at a restaurant you’ve been meaning to try for ages, discovering a new exhibit, or exploring a lesser-known part of the city, doing something outside of our routine can give us a real boost, even if it’s just a few minutes from home.

4- Find reasons to stay indoors: We don't always feel like doing a million different activities. Sometimes the best thing is a good book, a mask (you can find my favorite one here), and hours of lounging around in bed. For these occasions, your best bet is to choose a hotel that offers everything you need under one roof.

5- Ask the hotel: Most hotels have attractive packages or offers for guests interested in spending a weekend with them. It's always a good idea to contact us directly — we think you’ll be pleased with what you discover!

The best tip of all? Take care of yourself; and most of all, treat yourself.

Enjoy your staycation!



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