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Hugo Germain in Saskatoon: The Best Way to Wake Up


Hugo Germain in Saskatoon: The Best Way to Wake Up

Travel Tales / saskatoon / Oct 15, 2019

By Hugo Germain, director of development

After all these years visiting Canadian cities looking for development opportunities, I have discovered certain affinities with cities, for various reasons.

Before opening a hotel in Saskatoon, we made many trips to fully understand the ecosystem of this city that has experienced, over the past decade, a population growth that has made it one of three cities with the largest increase in Canada in only a few years. Although this growth has subsided over the last few years, Saskatoon has earned a reputation as a creative, dynamic city full of small treasures that a visitor like myself has the pleasure to discover.

If I had to rank my favourite and most spectacular places to wake up in the country, I can tell you that Saskatoon would without a doubt be in my top three. The city is divided in two by the Saskatchewan River and if you have the chance to stay near of it, you will wake up in the morning with a beautiful scene right in front of your eyes.

In winter, the very cold ambiant temperature of this city located in the heart of the Prairies combined with the warmer temperature of the river that runs through it often causes a small smoke to dance on the river, intertwine with the early sunrays of the morning sun. Nothing is more beautiful than opening the curtains and witnessing this show!

The proximity of the river is also an undeniable asset for those who love to run, walk or bike. Opened in early 2019, the Alt Hotel Saskatoon is located in the River Landing development, a prime location about 30 meters from the riverbank. You can stretch after your jog or simply relax in the public square located along the river. It is an excellent context to keep an active lifestyle despite the professional obligations related to business travel that we all have to deal with!

Additionally, the city of Saskatoon has built a solid reputation for the quality of its restaurants and the energy of its young chefs. My favorite is a small restaurant called Little Grouse on the Prairie, which offers artisan Italian food and is located not far from the hotel on 3rd Avenue.

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