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Nicolas Duvernois’s Favourites Places in Canada


Nicolas Duvernois’s Favourites Places in Canada

Travel / calgaryeastvillage / Oct 11, 2019

The entrepreneur and founder of PUR Vodka, Nicolas Duvernois, travels a lot across Canada on business trips. However, that does not stop him from discovering these beautiful Canadian cities with the eyes of a tourist from time to time. He shares with us his most recent discoveries, from coast to coast.

What are you looking for when travelling?
If I'm with my wife, our trip is going to be focused on food and art. I really like street art. And if I'm with my daughters, we are going to go into the great outdoors.

What do you love about Canada?
What's interesting about our country is that it's several countries in one. It's a multitude of different vibe. That's what makes it so rich! Also, we have mountains, lakes, the sea, seafood, wild meat, different cultures, different languages. This diversity is really cool.

Do you have some favourite places to share with us?


It's simply amazing as a backdrop. It is a city in nature.

Anticosti Island

I did not expect to be so dazzled by it. The nature lives with humans, and not the humans who live with the nature. Deer are walking everywhere, you can touch them. It's impressive. It makes us understand better the vastness of the territory.


What I find interesting about this city is the Chinook wind. In this region, it can be -10 degrees in the morning, and 18 degrees in the afternoon. Nature enforces its presence and we have to live with it.


For art, surprisingly, it's really a beautiful destination. I noticed that the further you go west, the more Native American art is present. The more you go East, the more it is the culture of the sea that tints the cultural works.

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