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Buy Local: Back To School Shopping Spree in Quartier DIX30


Buy Local: Back To School Shopping Spree in Quartier DIX30

Fashion / altplusquartierdix30 / Jul 30, 2019

Although summer is far from drawing to a close, fall is fast approaching, which means back to work or back to school!

A shopping trip is needed to fill up on trendy items, essential accessories and everything you need to welcome the new season in style.

Head over to Quartier DIX30, where it is possible to be dressed in local products from head to toe, not to mention the backpack and the lunch box.

Backpack for laptop: MATT & NAT

The vegan leather products of this Montreal brand are always very popular when it comes to choosing a bag. For back to school, we opt for a backpack with integrated padded pouch that will protect our laptop.


This independent, Quebec grocery chain offers fresh and healthy products to cook for dinner as well as ready to eat items for lunches. While you are there, visit the bookstore section and grab a book about the zero waste lifestyle and maybe some accessories, such as wooden utensils and a portable matcha cup.

A pair of glasses: BON LOOK

At Bon Look, you will find the glasses that meets your needs, whether it is to see what is written on the whiteboard when you sit in the last row of the class or to see clearly the many pages of reading you will have to do as homework.

Healing balm: BÄUM at SIGNÉ LOCAL

Slip this into your bag: BÄUM's healing balm promises to soothe wounds, irritations and eczema. Always keep it at hand, as you never know when you can get a paper cut!

Sports coat: FRANK AND OAK

For morning jogging, physical education classes, outdoor outings, you need a light sports jacket.

To make the most of this shopping spree, turn it into a getaway! Book a night at one of our hotels in Quartier DIX30 and enjoy it a little longer!



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