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3 day trips from Winnipeg


3 day trips from Winnipeg

Travel / winnipeg / Jun 17, 2019

Are you vacationing in Winnipeg? Leave your bags at the Alt Hotel Winnipeg and go explore what Manitoba has to offer!

Spruce Woods Provincial Park – 2-hour drive

We often think of the many lakes in Manitoba and we tend to forget that we can also admire a desert-like landscape! Located in Spruce Woods Provincial Park, you can explore the Spirit Sand dunes within its hiking trails. Beware that it can get very hot at midday. On a sunny day, opt for a morning or late day hike.

Steep Rock Beach Park – 2h40-drive

On the banks of Lake Manitoba, Steep Rock Beach Park is open from 9am to 10pm. You can swim, play volleyball, enjoy a picnic, and rent a kayak or a canoe.

Gimli Beach Park – 1-hour drive

Located on Lake Winnipeg, this pretty sandy beach attracts many swimmers. After a dip in the lake, go and take a walk in the lovely town of Gimli where you will find restaurants and small shops.

Photos: Travel Manitoba



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