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Brasserie T!: a philosophic food synergy


Brasserie T!: a philosophic food synergy

Restaurant / altplusquartierdix30 / Mar 8, 2019

In February, a new Brasserie T! opened its doors at the Quartier DIX30, ideally located within the same building as the Alt+ Hotel. Christine Lamarche, co-owner with Normand Laprise of the Signé Toqué group, which possess the renown Toqué restaurant as well as the Brasserie T!, explains that Brossard was a «natural fit» for their next restaurant, as they aim to open «four or five» Brasserie T! in the near future.

Compared to Toqué, his little sister the Brasserie T is «more accessible in time and in budget, according to Christine Lamarche. You won’t spend as much time in a Brasserie T! than in Toqué, and the average bill is also less expensive.»

If there is one thing that stays the same, regardless of which restaurant you decide to eat, is the product’s quality. «We will also choose small local producers. We want to know where products come from» says Christine Lamarche.

The idea behind the Brasserie T! concept comes from Normand Laprise and a wild dream he has that Christine Lamarche would describe as such: «At Toqué, we love to serve lamb rack. However, there is a limit of lamb rack on an animal. We cannot offer it every day, even though we would love to because it is a really nice product. The synergy that we are creating we the Brasserie T will allow us to cook the entire animal, as we buy it from a little farm we are working with. We will serve lamb rack for dinner and the leg of the lamb at lunch at Toqué and then make cold cuts, sausages and merguez with the other parts.»

The goal is to serve the first cut at Toqué and the second cuts in the Brasserie T!. In a few years, the Signé Toqué group aspires to have enough branches of its brasseries to be able to serve lamb rack every night at Toqué. This philosophy would apply to other animals, such as the duck.

At the same time, the group is working on opening a production kitchen (Le Beau Mont) which will be able to proportion and precook the meals, then ship them to every Brasserie T!, where meats and fries are cooked for a second time and the plates are assembled.

The menu is pretty much the same in every Brasserie T! However, the chef can customize his table d’hôte.

When visiting a Brasserie T!, Christine Lamarche suggest you try the goat cheese croquette. «It was a very popular starter at Toqué. One day, Normand [Laprise] decided to remove it to add something new, but customers were asking for it! When we opened the first Brasserie T! (the one in the Quartier des spectacles), we thought we would put it back.»

Breakfast and brunch are also served. On the menu: eggs Benedict, salmon gravlax on a bagel, French toast and much more.



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