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A day out at Quartier DIX30 with your pet


A day out at Quartier DIX30 with your pet

Outings / quartierdix30 / Mar 6, 2019

Warmer days make you want to go outside with your pet? Why not treat them to a trip to Quartier DIX30, where they will be more than welcome.

Red Bowl

More than a hundred shops allow dogs inside, such as Signé Local, Indigo or Frank & Oak. (You can find the list here.) When shopping, look for the green dog sticker on the front door of a shop or the red bowl that indicates that the boutique is dog-friendly.

Bags Dispensers

At various places on the Quartier DIX30 site, you’ll find bag dispensers to pick up your dog’s little gifts. Moreover, they are ideally located next to trash bins!

Dog Park

Does your dog need to burn off a bit of his energy? The dog park of Brossard is at a five-minute drive from the Alt and Alt+ hotels. You can also let your dog play in the lovely little park just in front of the Alt+ Hotel’s lobby, where you can sit on benches and enjoy the sun as your doggie plays at fetch the ball.


To have lunch with your pup, nothing is more ideal than the HOT DOG & Cie restaurant, where dogs are not only welcome, but where they are also cared for. Your dog can receive a professional grooming, daycare and interior games. You can come with or without your dog and have a nice poutine, a burger, a pizza or one of the many vegetarian choices on the menu.

Vet DIX30

The veterinarian clinic offers medical treatments but also pension and grooming services, for dogs as well as for cats. They are also renowned for their cat condos, which are more comfortable than the usual cage.

Alt et Alt+ Hotels Quartier DIX30

Did you know that you could sojourn at our hotels with your pet? When making your reservation, mention that you’ll be staying with your dog or cat (or turtle, or rabbit, or bird) and we’ll prepare a little bed, a cozy spot to eat and, of course, some well-deserved treats! If staying at the Alt+ Hotel, you’ll be asked to take a Polaroid photo of your pet so we can keep it as a souvenir in our scrapbook in the lobby. (We really are pet lovers!)



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