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Montreal in Five Icons


Montreal in Five Icons

Culture / montreal / Sep 5, 2018

Every Montrealer will tell you: it’s a beautiful city. Despite its little imperfections, Quebec’s metropolis stands tall and proud. Proud of its charm, proud of its diversity, proud of its icons. Below are five of them:

The Olympic Stadium

Love it or hate it, without a doubt, the Olympic Stadium leaves no one indifferent. One thing is certain, the sports stadium built for the 1976 Olympic Games continues to reinvent itself. In recent years, the stadium’s esplanade has been revamped and hosts several events that draw crowds, like the monthly First Fridays event, the largest gathering of food trucks in Canada.

Mount Royal

For Montrealers, it's a mountain. For most other people, it's a hill. For everyone, it’s a magnificent green space that crowns the city in the most beautiful way. Its observatory offers a breathtaking view of the city and its trails give joy to little and big hikers alike.

Marie-Reine-du-Monde Cathedral

Whether you are religious or not, it’s hard not to be caught up in the extraordinary beauty of this cathedral located in the heart of the city centre (right in front, by the way, of another extraordinary Montreal building - the Sunlife Building).

The Five Rose Flour sign at the city’s entrance

Even though the building hasn’t belonged to this brand of flour for several years, Montrealers consider the Farine Five Rose sign to be a jewel of the city’s cultural heritage.

Saint-Laurent Boulevard

St-Laurent Boulevard, which divides the city between east and west, is a playground, the place where many stories begin, the protagonist of several novels, films and songs. It's a character in itself.

Enjoy discovering beautiful Montreal. You will fall in love, it's guaranteed.