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Creative Brossard Open House

Discovering Local Talent

Taking place during the Journées de la culture weekend, Portes ouvertes sur le Brossard créatif is the perfect moment to meet local artists and support hometown talent. Ville de Brossard will also reveal a new map of the city that will feature artists’ workshops and cultural venues.

Discover Artist Agathe Girard at the Alt+

"I paint with spontaneity and in immediate interaction with my work; nothing is predetermined, with the work being conceived as it is created. I simultaneously paint multiple canvases, often leading to series exploring similar themes.

I work in the texture and relief into the canvas, using brushes and spatulas, in search of a certain sculptural quality. This technique gives my paintings, in general, a rectangular geometry with a prevalence of vertical features. The balance of the lines is essential for each painting, which makes it possible to pivot them without compromising their coherence. Using the veil of abstraction and a large variety of colours, my works suggest faces and human forms, houses and villages much like fleeting apparitions inhabiting free space."